Six Wellness Tips

Between visits to our office, there are ways that you can keep your body, especially your back, pain free and healthy.

  1. Sit up straight.
    Develop the habit of good posture. It makes a world of difference in the way your back feels.
  2. Eat your vegetables.
    A good diet is important to your overall health-all those nutrients help your body repair itself. And, you want to keep your weight down. Carrying extra weight puts extra strain on the back.
  3. Turn off the TV.
    Get up and move. Go for a walk. Add exercise to your regular routine. And when you have to sit for long periods, stretch regularly.
  4. Lift light.
    Don't lift things that are too heavy for you. (But if you have to--lift with your legs, not your back.) Don't carry around a backpack stuffed full of books (especially not on one shoulder) or a heavy bag if you can avoid it. The key is to minimize. Only take what you really need.
  5. Go to sleep.
    Sleep is essential for your wellbeing. It allows for regeneration and rejuvenation of the cells and tissues in your body.
  6. Smile!
    If you can’t change your fate…changes your attitude!  Keeping an optimistic    and hopeful outlook on life increases the well being of your body and soul!


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